April 2016 (2)

Wednesday, April 27 2016

Phlebotomist Careers and Mobile Phlebotomy

There are more than 1 billion blood draws in the United States each year and healthcare laboratory tests is a substantial part of a 2.7 trillion dollar US healthcare market. Seventy percent of the US healthcare expenses derive from laboratory testing representing 13 percent of the whole US gross domestic product. This market is massive and continually expanding and has called for improvements and the reinvention of phlebotomy processes to improve laboratory access to diagnostic blood draws and testing. 

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Tuesday, April 19 2016

College Tuition vs Inflation

College Tuition vs Inflation and The Family Financial Burden

Across the nation the inflated cost of college tuition vs inflation has become a major issue for many families and these trends will ultimately discourage most low and middle-income families from considering a college education as a practical option.  

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