EKG Technician Salary, Job Outlook and Benefits

EKG Technician Training

After 15 weeks education and training, an electrocardiograph technician may enter into the employment marketplace and begin saving lives by means of analysis and monitoring using an EKG machine. Just like any type of job duty, there are numerous factors that impact the salary. On the other hand the median EKG technician salary in the United States approximately $49,000, at about $23 .50 per hour.

EKG Technician Salary

EKG technician salary (also called EKG tech salary) is dependent upon many different considerations. These include EKG training, certification from an accredited training course, lab practical experience, and geographic placement. In accordance with the Social Security Administration, the EKG technician salary in the USA is about $41, 000. The annual salary for the highest 10 percent EKG technicians is more than $78, 000 while the lowest 10 percent received around $27, 000. The median 50 percent earned an EKG technician salary of approximately $51, 000 per year. The average EKG technician salary is about $50, 320 for those working in an academic field. EKG technicians working in the field of health care, diagnostic laboratories and hospitals receive an EKG technician salary of about $53, 540 and an hourly wage of $25 .00an an hour. Those working at reputable physician’s practices received a yearly salary of about $55, 230 and an hourly wage of $26 .00. Some of the best paying states for EKG technicians are Alaska, Washington, New Jersey, Massachusetts and Montana.

Practical EKG Experience

The same as any kind of job, particularly in the health care industry, previous practical experience and seniority will definitely take part as a significant consideration for an EKG technician’s salary. With regard to any kind of occupation, an EKG technician’s salary is commonly increased over the course of time, as technicians acquire expertise and seniority. Additionally you can acquire increased earning potential as an EKG technician simply by obtaining direct practical knowledge in the field.

Job Opportunities

EKG Technician SalaryIn 2013, there was over 100, 000 jobs for EKG technicians. Many of the EKG technician job opportunities are generally discovered in clinics, yet a number of doctor’s offices also employee this position. EKG technicians normally perform 40 hour work weeks, while the occasional weekend hours may also be obligatory. EKG technicians being employed in labs are likely to require extended at work hours as well. The Occupational Outlook Handbook mentions that the employment opportunity for EKG technicians is more likely to increase by up to 24 percent through the year 2018 .The demand for EKG technicians is always ever-increasing, and the prospective salaries also increase. Typically, specialized service hospitals pay out the largest EKG technicians salaries followed by doctor’s practices, outpatient health care clinics and diagnostic laboratories. Hospitals pay EKG technicians the lowest salaries.

EKG Technician Benefits

EKG technicians may anticipate, in conjunction with their EKG Technician salary, many benefits that significantly increase the valuation on the EKG technicians’ overall compensation. The most typical benefits EKG technicians obtain are additions to their health coverage insurance, as well as social security pension options. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that financial compensation accounts for two-thirds of an EKG technicians’ salary. Added benefits along with additional methods of payment compose the remaining third. Even though not directly connected into salary, the supplemental compensation tends to make an EKG technicians income significantly more advantageous.

EKG Technician Salaries by State

Specific location is a key factor in EKG salary. Standard earnings for the position may differ considerably from state to state. Louisiana and Missouri document the lower average salaries for EKG technicians, and Alaska reported the highest. EKG technicians in Alaska often made nearly $40 per hour in 2013. Several midwestern and northwestern states also reported high salaries for EKG technicians in 2013, including Washington, Massachusetts, and New Jersey. Mobile EKG technicians who are willing to move around to find the best opportunities will be well rewarded for their efforts.
It is not easy to project precisely how much an individual can make in the role of an EKG Technician; nevertheless, it is not difficult to recognize that they are going to be making a satisfactory salary based upon their practical experience and education. EKG technicians will work in a number of fascinating environments. They will secure work opportunities across the nation, averaging a $32, 000 with potential to boost net income to twice as much. There is certainly amazing possibilities to make a career as an EKG technician fantastic and financially rewarding.

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