8 Tips To Get More Patients with Email Marketing for Doctors

Having effective email marketing will lead you to find more patients. You need solid guides aiming for email productivity and strengthening your marketing plans for your service.

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1. Look and collect your prospects


It is necessary to consider your market or the patients with conditions you specialize in. Compile and make a list of their emails and note that these will be the recipients of your email marketing.

Keep on updating your prospect list. As long as you can find prospects matching your target market, add them to your list. There are various ways to collect and look for your patients. You can set up subscription forms on your professional website and wait for your potential clients to sign up.

2. Know your marketing channel

It will become a struggle when you are not using a marketing channel that can lead you to more clients. Choose the correct marketing channel to use in your email marketing where most of your prospects can easily access and receive your email. Always consider your target audience. Know which channels they’re most likely to have, open, and access. 

Essentially, a great marketing channel can lead to a significant number of prospects. You will be able to reach out to them better and pitch your services or consultation details. 

3. Keep the email valuable but straight forward 


Most likely, prospects prefer to receive short and simple emails. They might be the ones who can receive your emails while doing something at work or can only allot a short amount of time to view and read it. Deliver your message to your clients concisely. Picture yourself as the client and assess what they need and want to receive from you as a doctor.


Make sure that what you deliver is valuable and beneficial to them. Would the prospects like to receive an informative email? Are they interested in consultative emails? By keeping your email simple but holds significant value, you can keep your clients coming to see you. 


4. Include a call to action phrase


Another way to keep your prospects and clients coming is to include a call to action phrase at the end of your email. Sending a message with a compelling call to action phrase to your prospect allows you to have an opportunity of having one-on-one interaction with one another. This can let you build trust and rapport as a patient and as a doctor. 


Call to action phrases motivate your patient to reply to your email. You can encourage them to ask you a query, request your details, or even have a short consultation. From this, you can start to pitch your services better. 


5. Keep them personalized


Nothing is blander than an email with no sense of personalization. Your client might have a hint that your email is too general. They would not feel any sense of connection with you. Make sure to address their name in your email at least. There are specific ways to input your prospects’ names in your email automatically and separately. 


You can also try to pitch certain statements in your email and send them to a group of prospects that likely are under the same situation. Appeal to them as if you’re talking to them individually, and become highly specific in content. 

6. Appear friendly, catchy, and professional 


The way you deliver your email will speak about you as a doctor and as a person. Write your emails in a friendly manner. Deliver the information catchy enough but can still be understood by your prospects. Of course, write all the information professionally. Include a short but informative subject line to give your audience a specific idea about the content of your email. Make sure that it is catchy and intriguing enough for your clients to open. 


It is also essential to write your email so that it would not end up in the spam folder of your target audience. Write your email with correct spelling, punctuation, and grammatical structure. Proofread your write-ups before emailing them to the target clients on your list. 


7. Keep it mobile-friendly 


Almost every one of us has a single email application or platform on our mobile phones. Indeed, your patients or prospects can access and check their emails using their phones. When writing your message, make sure that you put enough white space between paragraphs. It will help your email appear more organized and neat. 


Send your email to one of your team or staff for a quick test. Assess if the email looks too overwhelming to read at quick glance. You don’t want your clients to skip and delete your email because they see it as “too-packed.” Keep everything concise and mobile-friendly to encourage them to read everything. 


8. Be consistent in emailing your prospect


To get more patients using email marketing, you have to be consistent. You do not want to break the connection and the rapport you have built with your clients. Always be consistent in sending your emails, keep the quality, and provide the information that your prospects may need to keep your business thriving. 


Your prospects can recognize you and become familiar with you with a consistent email plan. This can allow you to have repeating clients and have new prospects through recommendations or referrals from your prospects. 



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