Importance And Benefits Of Employees Career Development


Career advancement is a very important component in running a successful business and unfortunately often neglected by employers. The notion that everyone is replaceable does not create a healthy work environment. People want to do better, achieve, advance, and get recognized for their accomplishments and dedication. But except more workload, longer hours, higher expectations, and no private life the majority of employers do not offer anything else, regardless of what the promises were during the hiring process, and this is not adding value to the business or the workforce. Ignoring employee career development is a costly mistake.

Taking genuine interest in people’s future is giving in return:

  1. More Skilled Workforce – capable and ambitious employees want to be trained, coached, mentored, gain new skills, become more versatile and valuable to your business. Thoughtful support in pursuing a certification or degree adds to the employee’s value. More employees can perform additional tasks or be promoted, which is saving money on new recruitment for higher positions.
  2. Improved Employee Retention – employees are more willing to stay with an employer, if they see opportunity for advancement and higher earning potential.
  3. Increased Loyalty and Productivity – a genuine interest in someone builds loyalty. Loyal employees are more engaged and more productive.
  4. Tax Breaks – education reimbursement program costs are tax-deductible.
  5. Cost savings – it costs less to promote from within the company. Employers can offer online education that costs less than a traditional one. Additionally employers can purchase a course training license for multiple users at a discounted price.


When considering training options, online courses are very convenient. Online training offers many advantages over a traditional education:

  1. Accessibility – e-learning can occur at any time of the day (available 24/7) and from anywhere where there is access to the internet. Instructor-led training is costly, not only because the instructor has to be paid. Employees have to attend the training at the same time interrupting the work flow (nothing gets done in that timeframe). 

  2. Employees availability – online courses can be completed at the office, from home, or from anywhere where there is access to the internet, without disrupting the work flow. There is no need for everyone in a department to attend training at the same time. Employees can complete the required material one by one, at different time intervals, without disrupting the work process of the entire department. This way the work gets done, employees acquire new skills and advance in their career, and the business has more versatile and valuable workforce.

  3. Course selection – The selection of courseware available today is extensive. The employer has many options when choosing training course-ware.


Training employees does not guarantee that they will stay at their current job but the probability that they will is significantly higher. Advancement opportunity is a great motivation tool, it gives something to work for. Nobody wants a dead-end job that does not offer anything. The workforce should be encouraged to want to achieve more, to be more skilled and versatile. Genuine efforts in career development are building company’s reputation as a great place to work.