Electrocardiographic ECG Technologist Career



Begin saving lives as an Electrocardiographic Technologist and discover the benifits of this gratifying and rapidly growing health career.

Electrocardiographic Technologist perform processes and administer equipment that assesses, screens, and reports the electrical activity of a patients' cardiovascular system.

After 22 weeks education and training, you can become an ECG Technologist and meet the qualifications to take the Certified Electrocardiograph Technician (CET) exam.

Job Description of an Electrocardiograph Technician

Electrocardiographic ( EKG / ECG ) Technologist function directly with cardiovascular technologists . EKG Technicians who specialize in electrocardiogram ( EKG / ECG ) testing are known as cardiographic or electrocardiograph ECG Technologist . Electrocardiographic Technologist performs processes and administer equipment that assesses screens , and reports the electrical activity of a patients' cardio system . These types of tests are used to assist cardiologists and doctors in recognizing and caring for cardiac and blood vessel problems . All these procedures are non-invasive and commonly are carried out as part of a normal routine exam before surgical treatments . These particular tests consist of standard electrocardiogram exams , 12-lead positioning , cardiac catheterization , Holter tracking , phonocardiograph , anxiety testing , and vectorcardiography . The exams also identify and diagnose health ailments such as coronary artery disease , angina , arrhythmias , and pericarditis .EKG / ECG Technicians are responsible for operating sophisticated medical technology that monitors the cardiac rhythms of patients in hospitals and clinics.  They do this by attaching electrodes to a patient’s body that record the electrical impulses transmitted by a patient’s heart using an electrocardiogram.  The EKG / ECG Technician then submits the data to the patient’s physician for later interpretation and analysis to diagnose heart performance and possible diseases of the cardiac and peripheral vascular systems. Other than monitoring heart activities, EKGs are used to performed before and after operations and testings and when a patient is experiencing chest pains and whenever the health practitioner deems it necessary.

Advantages Of Certification Training.

The Certified Electrocardiograph Technician (CET) is a nationally recognized certification. In this profession those who are certified have an advantage when looking for a job. A certification is a way to stand out among other candidates and it is the fastest way to prove qualifications and certain standard of competence. There is less on-the-job training required, which saves employers time and resources. A certification proves to employers that the candidate is serious about their career path. 

The National Association of Health Careers and Education (NAHCE) offers self-paced online certification courses that allow to balance education with life responsibilities. You can start your dream career, get promoted, and boost your earning potential in just a few months. Don’t settle, stand out, and advance your career by getting certified. NAHCE offer 2 Certified Electrocardiograph Technician (CET) training programs:  

Electrocardiographic ECG Technologist 

Electrocardiograph EKG Technician​

EKG / ECG Technician Career Salaries

EKG technicians and specialist pay dependents upon many different considerations. These comprise of EKG training and certification as well as practical lab experience. The Occupational Outlook Handbook mentions that The median annual wage for diagnostic medical sonographers and cardiovascular technologists and technicians, including vascular technologists was $62,540 in May 2014 and the employment opportunity is projected to grow 24 percent from 2014 to 2024, much faster than the average for all occupations. The demand for EKG technicians is certainly ever-increasing, and the prospective salaries additionally will increase. Typically, specialized service hospitals pay out the best for EKG technicians and specialist followed by doctor’s practices, outpatient health care clinics, and diagnostic laboratories. 

EKG / ECG Technician Career Salaries

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