Apprenticeship Resources

The NAHCE Health Education Apprenticeship is an employment program that gives workforce ready professionals training and learning practice in their chosen career path. It is intended to offer workforce professionals an opportunity to practice new skills and knowledge in a real-world setting. This includes a more practical learning experience which contributes to the workforce professional’s success. nahceU is committed to making the workforce professional’s Apprenticeship a positive experience by working closely with the workforce professional to find the best fit based on the workforce professional’s location and Health Education.

As an Apprenticeship workforce professional, you will be expected to carry out the specific tasks that you have learned in your Health Education program. Additionally, you will learn advanced skills which will be taught by the health care staff throughout your Apprenticeship. How well you perform is very important. You should demonstrate your learning potential and be an exceptional team player as your Apprenticeship site will likely be considering you as a prospective employee. Make sure you implement appropriate interpersonal skills, maintain a professional appearance and manifest an excellent attitude. Comply with the following guiding principle’s and motivate yourself to strengthen your desire to learn and you will discover your Apprenticeship process to be an experience of outstanding value and rewarding results.