How to Become a Medical Assistant

Considering a career as a Medical Assistant? Here are few things you need to know. Medical Assistants work in hospitals, clinics, private practices, ambulatory care, and other settings. Where there is a physician there is a Medical Assistant, helping behind the scenes with patient care. They are trained to perform administrative and clinical assignments.

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How to Ace an Interview in a New Career​

You finally landed an interview for your dream career, but now you’re fumbling through the interview as the hiring team keeps throwing questions that you have no idea how to answer. Sound familiar? It’s one thing to make yourself look good on paper when you have plenty of time to write and edit, but acing an interview is an entirely different feat. 

The Certified Medical Assistant (CMA) Career

Considering a career as a Medical Assistant? Here are few things you need to know. Clinical Medical Assistants play a major role in the day to day operations of a medical facility. They perform certain tasks that otherwise would have to be done by doctors, nurses, and other medical Health Professionals. Through their work, the productivity of a medical facility is improved and doctors can see more patients.

Surgical Technologist Curriculum

Orientation to Surgical Technology Learning Outcomes: ST 100 Demonstrate the principles of communication in the surgical setting Trace the historical development of surgical technology Recognize members of the surgical team and their roles Describe the surgical technology professional organizations: AST, ARC/STSA, NBSTSA Compare and contrast the various roles of the surgical technologist Interpret the components …

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