Director of Education Abroad DOEA National Association of Health Careers and Education Colleges United States

NAHCE is an academic association of health career professionals.  NAHCE was founded on its mission for implementing administrative and educational processes that encourage health career professions to work jointly to deliver patient-centered care and improve healthcare systems. NAHCE has enveloped these core competencies into health education, with emphasis on evidence-based practice, quality improvement approaches, informatics and a shared competency-based curriculum.

Director of Education Abroad DOEA 

The primary purpose of this position is to facilitate, manage and oversee education abroad. Including, internship and community service abroad, international student teaching, and research abroad. Duties and responsibilities of the position include but are not limited to the following:

  • Present to the board information on current issues in international higher education, the field of education abroad, and international trends.
  • Communicating implications of data analysis to upper administration
  • Oversight of all education abroad and works closely with the Associate for International Education to create new programs aimed at diversifying education abroad.
  • Streamline program development processes
  • Develop and monitor performance indicators for programmatic success of new programs abroad.
  • Representing the association and colleges and its education abroad programs with professional organizations and associations throughout the world, and global partners worldwide.
  • Acting as an advocate for international health education.

Minimum Qualifications:

Implementation of a master’s degree.

Three years of work experience with education abroad programs.

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