Discover Medical Assisting And A New Way To Become A Certified Medical Assistant

If you are willing to join the medical field with a great job growth forecast but without spending too much money on education, becoming a Certified Medical Assistant may be the next career step for you.

What Medical Assistants do.

Medical Assistants are a central source to clinics and hospitals. The role of the Medical Assistant is to work alongside physicians, nurses, and other health career staff to perform essential duties before, during, and after a patient’s visit.  Doctors and nurses rely on the Medical Assistants to effectively communicate a patient’s information to other health professions and efficiently conduct procedures to ensure a patient’s visits run smoothly. 

While on the clock as a Medical Assistant, you will be very busy and take on various roles and operations in a medical office or clinical setting. You’ll interact with different types of individuals of all ages and medical staff of mostly all the health professions because you’ll be the first to meet with and convey the patient’s health information. You can expect to continually improve your communication skills and refine your soft skills as you become an expert at a sought-after clinical specialty. 

The Medical Assistant Career


Medical Assistants work primarily in primary care, a steadily growing sector of the healthcare industry. As practices expand, physicians will hire more Medical Assistants to perform routine administrative and clinical duties to see more patients. An increasing number of group practices, clinics, and other healthcare facilities need support workers, particularly Medical Assistants, to complete administrative and clinical duties. In addition, the number of individuals who have access to health insurance will continue to increase because of federal health insurance reform and improving patient access to medical care. 

Benefits Of Becoming A Medical Assistant  


A Medical Assisting career offers a launching point for many health care careers such as Nurse, Radiology, Health Information Technologist, Medical Billing and Coding, Medical Office Management, and specializations that require more training or education.  

Ways to Become a Medical Assistant


Although there are no formal educational requirements in some states, most employers generally require administrative Medical Assistants to be graduated from a post-secondary academic course. Many have a high school diploma or equivalent and gain knowledge of their responsibilities at the workplace. There are different ways to begin your career as a Clinical Medical Assistant. If you don’t already have a degree or experience, certification is the fastest way to obtain your credentials.    

 “You can start your dream career, get promoted, and boost your earning potential in a handful of months. Don’t settle. Stand out and advance your career by getting certified.”

NAHCEU Medical Assistant Training Program


Our program provides basic knowledge of human anatomy, medical terminology, and information technologies utilizing critical thinking as a basis for clinical judgment and managing all tasks related to medical assisting. Our graduates demonstrate the professional behavior of caring, accountability, and responsibility to ensure a safe outcome for healthcare patients.

The NAHCEU Medical Assistant Certificate and Badge Of Completion will tell the employer that you have received the highest standards in Medical Assistant education and knowledge, which meets the educational requirements of the certifying bodies in the field.

After receiving the badge of completion from NAHCEU, students enroll with NHA to take the National Healthcareer Association Certification Exam and are qualified and trained to pass all National and State certification exams.

By joining our program, you will have the opportunity to build the future you deserve with increased earning potential. We guarantee you that you will not find any better educational opportunities.

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